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Anyone seen Miley’s latest tweet? Don’t worry, she’s just being Miley. Did you know that she has 30.5 million followers? While that may sound like a lot, it doesn’t even come near to the amount of followers Katy Perry has! According to the Twitter Counter, she currently has 92,092,613 people following her. Can you imagine being able to voice your opinions to that many people? While Katy and Miley may not be a business, when they speak, people listen.  Social media is the perfect way to reach out to people, but it’s not just for celebrity entertainment anymore. If you are trying to break into the business market online, social media is the way to do it. Increasing your web traffic will ultimately increase response to your product. If you are ready to get your voice heard, Internet Business SEO is ready to help get you there.

Complementing Your Website

Now, we aren’t saying that some funny jokes on your Twitter handle are going to get your business booming. We are saying that social media is a great way to complement your functioning website. Through strategic online marketing and search engine optimization, social media can become a vital component to your web traffic and ideally increase response for your business.

Social Media Tools

So what social media tools are we talking about exactly? There are many different ways to use different social media sites to enhance your business and increase web traffic. Social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are perfect places to make a custom app and advertise to your clientele. Even social video sharing sites, like YouTube, are the perfect places that will bring people in and increase response to your website. Make a video about your project, or explain how something works. Videos can help draw people in and it works both ways. The more pertinent social media material you have within your website, the higher search engines may rank you on the top of their list. Social media is a win-win when it comes to online marketing.

So, if you are looking to increase the web traffic of your online business, let Internet Business SEO help you. We are experts that understand the online market. We are more than happy to share our knowledge with you and help you grow your business. For more information, give us a call today at (612) 205-5468.