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On-Site Search Engine Optimization MN

Search Engine Optimization On Your Site

What is On-Site SEO?

On-Site Search Engine Optimization is a term we use at Internet Business SEO to describe all the things we do directly to your website to optimize it for easy indexing by the search engines. We break this down into three categories:

Keyword Research, Placement, and Density

Keyword Research – When we first begin the On-Site SEO process, we begin with keywords. Our SEO specialists take a givin product or service that a website is trying to promote, including where the product or service is being promoted, and do extensive research to find the best, most often searched, keywords. This includes using special tools that allow us to see what searches are being performed, who is searching, and whether or not people are staying on sites that have these specific keywords. Once we have found the best combination of keywords that will help promote your site, we move on to placement.

Keyword Placement – Now that we have a list of specific keywords that relate to your product or service, we now want to place these keywords into your site’s content, header tags, and meta information. We’ve now spent a good amount of time researching, so just randomly dumping them in your site (or worse overloading your site with them, making your site appear to be spam, but we’ll get more into that in density) is almost as useless as never adding them in the first place. Our SEO specialists take the site structure, and devise the best way to use those keywords on a page by page basis so that pages that are specific to a sub-category or even a geo-location. They also look for alternative ways to phrase, spell, or reword keyword strings (a keyword string is a group of keywords or a phrase that includes keywords) so not only is your site keyword rich, but it is still very attractive for a client to read through.

Keyword Density – Finally, there is keyword density. Through years of research we have found a specific percentage range of how many keywords compared to non-keyword text should be on a site on a page-to-page basis including content, heading tags, and meta information. There is a fine line between good keyword rich readable content, and what most of the major search engines consider spam. This can mean huge drops in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), or even being penalized enough to be completely removed from the SERPs. Our SEO specialists take a final reading of the site’s keyword ratio, and make any necessary adjustments.

Header Tag Structure

Header tags (or h-tags) range from h1 to h5, most important to least important respectively. H-tags are a html (Hyper-Text-Markup-Language) representation of headings in your content; giving you a way to categorize content on a page, and search engines a way to see structure. Many web developers don’t know that search engines use these to give more or less credit to a givin page. When our SEO specialists look at a site’s header tag structure, they make sure that each section that is under a h-tag follows a hierarchy that allows easy indexing for search engines.

Meta Information

Meta information is text information placed in the code of a web page for web browsers and search engines to use. It is rarely seen by a user, unless he or she knows where to look. Excluding the code specifically for browsers, there are four specific meta tags that we employ to ensure search engines are able to index all of your site’s information, avoid any SERPs penalization, and ensure your site shows up at the top of the search results.

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