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Search Engine Optimized Website Content

Quality SEO Web Site Content Writing

Search Engines Rank Web Sites for Quality Copy

Content is key to quality internet presence in a Search Economy. You may have heard the phrase, “Content is King!” Well in the world of search and online interaction, this is true and the search engines consider words and content very important. It all has to do with bringing up relevant results from search queries. Search engines rank web pages for quality linking to other websites and a few other important factors, but the content is always central. In fact linking that ranks well is also influenced by good content.

Copy Written for SEO and Customers

At Internet Business SEO we have a group of content writers that understand copywriting for the internet. An internet writer must employ good copywriting techniques that markets your product and service while at the same time write content that is search engine optimized. Our content writers sit down with you and learn about your company, your image, what makes you a cut above the rest, and writes website content that helps your website get found.

Writing Effective Content for the Web

Is Your Web Site Content Search Engine Friendly?

The strategy behind web site content writing is uniquely different than traditional marketing content for communicating a company’s brand and message. The authoring and preparation of that content requires a different approach from authoring and preparing content for print documents and publications. Writing copy for the Web needs to grab a visitor’s attention and get them to react. To make this happen requires special skill and an understanding of human behavior.

Writing web site content should follow a process. Internet Business SEO has been writing web site content for over 12 years and has developed a proven process to writing successful web site content. As search engine specialists we offer our clients a powerful partner and resource. Everything we do is focused on 2 primary principles; driving more traffic to our client’s web sites, and converting those leads when they get there.

To achieve this, it makes it imperative that your web site content is organized and optimized to deliver your content in a clear, concise manner. Organizing and optimizing your web site content makes it not only user-friendly, but also search engine friendly. It’s all about “relevancy”; search engines, and the people that use them, expect to find relevant content when searching the web by keyword phrases.

The process of web site content writing developed by Internet Business SEO is very thorough. Our years of experience has reinforced the importance of the content writer having a deep understanding of several considerations and key components needed to effectively write web site content. Below is a short list of those considerations and key elements we make a part of every solution.

  • Successful search engine optimized web site content
  • Strategic keyword/keyword phrase selection and integration
  • Create effective landing pages – the art of “drawing” the potential client in
  • How much do potential clients really read?
  • How do potential clients read your web site content?
  • Potential clients like to scan content not read it- write copy that is easy to scan
  • Writing effective “About Us” page content – the missed opportunity
  • Writing effective Titles and Headlines for web pages
  • Web site content segmentation – user-friendly organized content
  • Leveraging 3rd party content
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