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Social Media Marketing Expert Training

Create Buzz and Credibility Throughout Social Media Networks

Social media is here to stay. We help you market and network effectively through social media without wasting hours and hours learning how. The key to social media marketing is understanding what will work best for your business model and managing your time. Some people get wrapped up in communicating and updating through Facebook, twitter, linkedin and all the rest and they waste too much time with little results. Some people never get started networking via social media because they do not understand it and they don’t want to waste their time.

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, WordPress, Meetup…

Internet Business SEO offers ongoing blog posting training, business blogging classes, and social media marketing classes. We understand that you have only so much time in your day. We help you manage networking and marketing through the many social media outlets in just a few minutes a day. Online social networks help millions of people connect socially every day; these same social media networks can generate referrals and credibility for your business. People love to recommend what they like to their friends and network groups—you could be their next referral.

  • Business blogging coaching — Individual and small group. By instructors experienced in working with all types of businesses and all writing abilities.
  • Blogging classes — state of the art classroom. Business blogging instruction on how to effectively blog for business and generate hundreds of blog topics just in thirty minutes per week or less. Create a blog post in class.
  • Social Media Marketing classes — state of the art classroom. Learn how to market through social media, generate referrals, and manage your time doing it!
Minnesota Website Design & Development Services
You want your website to reflect the quality of your business & products. Websites we produce are designed with the elements of your company intertwined and seamlessly developed with SEO in mind.
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Minnesota Search Engine Optimization Services
Despite what you may hear there are no magic shortcuts to the top. Kind of like climbing a mountain, it is a challenge, but once successful the rewards outweigh the risks. The view from atop is astonishing and we can guide you.
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Minnesota Social Media Marketing Services
Our team can teach you about the Social Networking world and work with you to come with a solution that works for your business. Whether that simply be Corporate pages and accounts or full blown applications, we can help.
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