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Gone are the days where once your website was built, changing it took hiring an expensive programmer.  Today, with WordPress you can change content on your site in a matter of minutes. At Internet Business SEO we specialize in creating WordPress websites for our clients that are not only well designed, but also extremely easy to modify, should the need ever arise.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) that is essentially the backbone to how a large percentage of websites are currently built on the Internet.  With WordPress a design firm will build you an interactive website to your liking and then you’ll be able to make minor changes similar to how you make changes in a word processor.  It really is that easy to change the content of a WordPress website.

Benefits of Using WordPress:

  • Ease of Use – As mentioned above, once your WordPress website is designed you can make minor changes yourself without hiring an expensive web designer.
  • Good for SEO – It matters what type of website you choose! WordPress has a variety of plugins, which are geared towards SEO. This allows you to easily optimize all of your web pages to ensure they’ll be picked up by all the major search engines.
  • Optimized for Mobile Devices – WordPress websites are also meant to be used with all types of devices including mobile phones and tablets.
  • Thousands of Plugins – Ever wanted to place a contact form on your website or a gallery of scrolling images? With WordPress you have instant access to thousands of plugins that can easily turn your website into an interactive experience for your target audience.
  • Built-In Blog – With WordPress sites you’ll also instantly have access to your own blog to promote your company. Blogs are one of the best ways to improve your companies search rankings and WordPress makes it extremely easy to create content and feature it on your blog – even if you have no technical experience.
  • No HTML Editing Necessary – Do you remember the days where websites were all hand coded with HTML? If not, you’re lucky!  With WordPress you don’t need to know any HTML to be able to modify content on your website.  You’ll have access to a text editor with familiar controls to modify text size, colors, spacing and much more.

Interested in a WordPress Website?

If you’re interested in learning more about a WordPress website for your company, give the web design experts at Internet Business SEO a call today at 612-205-5468.  We’ll be more than happy to offer a free consultation where we can sit down with you to chart out your company’s website needs.