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We build and maintain properly working websites for business in MN. Dominate your industry!

Internet Business SEO has built successful websites for many businesses around Minnesota, and even nation wide. We feel proud of our work, and have been helping businesses for more than 12 years. Each website we build is customized for design, logo, and website content that will not only give your business the look you want, but also generate traffic to your website and in return generate profit. Not only do we build websites, but we also manage websites to make sure you stay up to date with local trends, and your content stays fresh. When they want changes made to their website, they simply send those changes to us. We make their website changes for them. And we do it quickly.

WordPress Websites

Internet Business SEO builds custom WordPress webpages to create unique website that are very user and friendly. Each web page is designed especially for you and can include content, video, graphics, maps and more. The WordPress platform has very strong pull on the internet and makes it easy for you to blog on your site. Page updates to your site are easy and quick, therefore allowing you to make changes immediately.

Content Management

As your website manager, we will update your content for you. You tell us what your goal is for the web content and we will create SEO content for you. If you have a photo you want to add, video, or small change, we can help you make these changes. We’ll edit it and post it for you. When you need artwork created, we can do it for you.

Search Engine Ranking

Search Engine Ranking is crucial to your webpage. Since most traffic is generated from a search engine such as google or bing, it is critical that your website is easy to find so that your competitors do not receive the business you are losing from being difficult to find. Our team understands how to create content so that your web page stays at the top of google. We provide services to modify and update your website content on a regular basis in a manner that will improve the site’s position in the search engine. If you’re looking for someone to build and manage your webpage  to represent and promote your Minnesota business online, call Internet Business SEO at (612) 205-5468, and see how White Hat SEO content can change your site.