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Marketing your business, goods, and services has gone, like everything else, digital. You don’t have marketing teams designing billboards and newspaper ads for businesses because that’s just not how it’s done anymore unless you have an easily recognizable brand name that almost everyone can recognize. Even then, internet marketing is still the largest form of advertising used because it brings in the most profits. If you’re in need of online content that sells, content that gets people interested, draws traffic to your website, and markets your company to an online audience, then you need a company that will promote your business online; you need Internet Business SEO, a Ham Lake, MN online marketing company dedicated to creating optimized online content that will ensure your business has a strong online presence.

SEO WordPress Websites

Marketing a business online begins with building an SEO website. It’s one thing to plan a search engine optimized website or talk about what will be included on an SEO website, but to actually lay the foundation, create website content, create links, and manage and update online content is a huge undertaking. Overall, it’s a job that can’t be done by one person, and to do it yourself, you’d need a team of online marketing and content creation specialists. That’s where we come in. We create an SEO WordPress website for your business that uses SEO keywords that will drive traffic and advertisers to your website, a well-designed layout that looks professional, relevant material that will help your website show up at the top of search results, and content that markets your mission, products or services, and your business, as a whole.

SEO Blogs and Video Content

After building a WordPress Website for your business and building an online presence, it’s important to keep up with that online presence, enhancing your company image and continuously marketing your goods and services online. Just like print advertisements, your ads are seen once and then thrown away, and unless you keep updating and republishing those ads, your business might not be seen. To make sure that you keep your online content relevant, we provide content management services to frequently create blogs and upload video content in order to post new online material with new SEO keywords. That way, your business is more likely to be seen in search results because it’s relevant, and it has a large number of SEO keywords to be found by search engines.

Social Media Marketing

In addition to building an online presence for your company on your own website, we’ll also help you expand your online presence with social media marketing. We’ll help you build professional social media pages and networks and integrate your social media profiles into your website. With social media marketing, you can enhance name recognition for your business and increase the number of ways internet users can find and be linked to information about your business. To simplify the online marketing process, contact Internet Business SEO at 612-205-5468, and find out how we can help you promote your business online.