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There are a lot of moving targets when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is why not every company can hit those marks. Internet Business SEO is a Minnesota Company that can develop an SEO strategy to help you hit your targets, spot on. Search Engine Optimization, by definition, is a series of methods that increase the visibility of your website on Google, Yahoo and other common search engines. This visibility then converts to leads, if you do your research and know the target key words for your industry, can capture your audience’s attention and easily lead them to act on what it is you have that they would want. The best part about this Internet Marketing Process is that it brings you the client’s you want, not just anyone.

Gain a Successful Internet Presence through our SEO Services:

SEO Friendly Website Design – We’ve all seen those websites that don’t look legitimate and my guess is you’ve hit the back button as quick as possible for fear of an insecure site. Don’t let that be your company’s website! SEO has to focus on your website and it’s design, in order to attract a buyer – not a runner.

SEO Friendly Website Pages – Every page of your current or newly developed WordPress Website needs to be analyzed and tweaked to add in key words, headers, internal links, external links and so much more. With existing websites, we tend to add pages to the website and we always recommend our SEO clients continue SEO friendly blogging. Especially in an industry that is highly competitive.

Social Media – I know what you are thinking…SEO is for my website, not for social media. Though you are partially correct, we have an extended answer. Google is one of the most powerful search engine, hands down. Does Google index social media sites? Well, that is a highly debated question that has less of an impact that the next point I bring up. Who uses social media sites? EVERYONE! With maybe an exception being your parents,or theirs. Social Media is everywhere and it has become one of the most powerful tools for targeted marketing in this day and age. You can choose your audience and they don’t even have to ‘Like’ you. So if you are putting yourself out there for Google and other popular search engines, why not have a presence in the social media scene too?! Everywhere people are on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Pinterest and LinkedIn – Join them! In today’s popular culture recipes, clothing and jewelry are commonly searched for on Pinterest and then they are lead, from there, onto other websites. Photos get the attention of so many on Instagram, show your client’s what your products or services can do and what they are living without. This may be intimidating, our Social Media Experts are here to help, but also, we are not saying join and develop your brand on every social media site, just find a couple that pair well with your industry and consumers, it can be well worth your time. Don’t leave this market go untapped.

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